What Can You Expect from a Personal Mastery & EQ Business Training Course?

Personal Mastery EQ Business Training Course Maurice Kerrigan Africa

The workplace is a truly unique environment where a huge range of elements have to be brought together seamlessly in order to achieve specific goals. Factors like cultural diversity, language barriers, different personalities and leadership styles need to be managed effectively in an often high-stakes and high-pressure environment – and this is what personal mastery and EQ skills training courses are all about. Here are just some of the outcomes you can expect to see upon successfully completing a course in this area, from a leading corporate training company.

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Course Outcomes: Personal Mastery Skills Training and EQ Training Courses

  • Prevent unintelligent emotional reactions – understand how the brain works and learn how to redirect thoughts and manage emotions so that you are able to respond to situations in an emotionally intelligent way.
  • Improve your relationships with others and learn how to be straightforward and avoid situations that result in conflict in the workplace or low productivity.
  • Real life techniques to cope with anger, stress and change management (how to manage your own emotional state).
  • Deal with feelings of dissatisfaction or frustration that prevent you from living a full and valuable life – gain insight in how to have a better relationship with yourself.
  • Learn the steps to take to move to higher functioning and how to drive a fundamental shift in workplace culture and thinking.
  • Use emotional intelligence competencies (including situational awareness and empathy) to better understand, motivate and work with others.
  • Gain skills to network more successfully, as well as to influence, motivate and develop others.

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Be a More Effective Leader Through Greater Relationship and Self-Management – Speak to Business Training Course Specialists

At Maurice Kerrigan Africa, we’ve worked with top companies in diverse industries to train and develop managers to realise their full leadership potential. As part of our comprehensive offering, our one-on-one personal mastery skills training and EQ skills training courses include an introductory 1-day course, as well as a comprehensive 2-day course, and an advanced 3-day course for all who want to maximise the functionality of business and personal relationships. To find out more about our business training courses offered by our SETA accredited corporate training company near Sandton, simply call +27 11 794 1251 or email info@mauricekerrigan.com.