Want Those New Year’s Resolutions to Stick?

Want Those New Year’s Resolutions to Stick MK Africa

The Key is in Knowing Yourself

It’s the New Year and there’s simply no escaping the message that now’s the time to turn over that new leaf, take on the world and write our name in the stars. “New year, new you” bombards us from every billboard, email and social media platform, from retailers selling us the latest look to fitness chains telling us that we really can lose those extra festive season kilos if we just sign up. It’s a time of change and new beginnings, and we’re told that if we just make the right list and stick to it, our dreams will come true. It’s a lot of pressure and it’s overwhelming, so it’s no wonder that most of us will break our New Year’s Resolutions by February – just like we always do!

So, instead of giving you 20 new things to add to your list, I’m going to suggest one thing that will actually help you to achieve the New Year’s Resolutions you already have: learning self-leadership.

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What’s the Value of Good Self-Leadership?

One of the reasons we trip up so quickly on our New Year’s Resolutions is because we have a lot on our plates to start with. We’d love to have time to go to gym or cook healthier meals, to work on passion projects, indulge a hobby, get that promotion or study that course. Instead, we find ourselves barely coping with our busy work, family and social lives, living day-to-day and making deadlines rather than exceeding expectations the way we planned. We give up on all the goals we wrote down in January and settle for making the best of a busy life.

The problem is that the goals we set as New Year’s Resolutions ARE important – they’re about shining, not settling – they’re about living a fulfilling life, instead of drifting along with the current. This time of year is about thinking about what makes us happy, what gives us purpose and the future we would like to make possible for ourselves. These are the goals we deserve to achieve, but we need the skills, commitment and drive within ourselves to keep us on that path, and that means learning to manage and lead ourselves effectively.

Be Your Own Leader and Make an Impact on Your Life, Career and Happiness

We all know how critical good leadership is to the success of an organisation. A talented leader brings vision, inspiration and critical skills to the table, uplifting each person in that team to be more than who they thought they could be. Self-leadership and self-management skills perform the same role on an individual level, and the most exciting aspect of this is that anyone can learn these skills – it’s not about inborn talent or ability, it’s about a conscious decision to discover your purpose and take steps to fulfil it. By developing self-leadership skills, you gain a better understanding of how your environment impacts on you and your performance, clearer insight into your life purpose and the values that guide you, and how to develop personal independence, self-discipline and resilience. When you know yourself better and understand how to take an active role in leading your life, it’s easier to build a more effective strategy for reaching your goals, whether they’re career goals, financial aspirations or personal wellness goals. You’ll see better results, be able to recognise and overcome challenges more rapidly, and stick to your path even when the going gets tough.

Self-leadership skills are not simply to benefit yourself, however. By living with purpose and achieving your goals rather than simply moving through the motions, you’ll have a considerable impact on those around you. And with better self-knowledge and personal mastery, you’ll be able to better influence those around you, exercise your own leadership skills and gain a meaningful voice in the workplace.

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Our focus is on providing training and course material that provides meaningful results

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