Communication and Intra-Interpersonal Skills Training

We know that business success greatly relies on the effectiveness of the communication in organisations. Yet, continuous change, a frantic pace and the excessive use of faceless electronic communication media has taken a toll on how we relate and communicate.

Well-crafted and purposeful interpersonal communication makes a difference internally and externally with your customers and suppliers and therefore quality written and face-to-face communication has become a much sought-after commodity in the modern business environment. Interactions must be purposeful rather than a default activity. Our skills courses guide delegates tounderstand and implement best practice standards in communication skills and intra-interpersonal skills.

Please select from one of our courses below.

Influential Business Communication – The Power to Influence

Many people in the work environment possess technical skills in their field but find themselves battling with misunderstandings, poor communication, workplace politics, and life skills. This course equips anyone regularly communicating in business, with greater skills of influence. It develops your ability to achieve impact and clarity, with brevity and insight, and to reach outcomes that are beneficial to all. It also realises that certain behaviours and approaches may hinder the outcomes of a communication process. Therefore, we assist learners to identify more appropriate approaches to achieving favourable outcomes.

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Effective Speaking & Presentation Skills – Achieving Audience Impact

During our Effective Speaking & Presentation skills programme, we examine in detail the use of key communication elements that enable the creation and delivery of high impact presentations and speeches. More importantly, throughout the programme our expert facilitators provide one-on-one coaching to every delegate while viewing several video recorded exercises. This programme deploys a highly evolved and practical learning solution which ensures that you will become the most effective presenter you can be, by discovering and cultivating your own natural speaking style.

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Creative Negotiation Skills – Realising the Potential in Every Opportunity

Attending this programme gives delegates the confidence to creatively manage the negotiation process to reach their objectives. It also improves their ability to identify a conflict situation and turn it around to a positive outcome. You will learn to identify high and low EQ behaviours and how to manage these.
During the programme we employ an interactive, systemic and practical process, together with a high degree of individual attention and coaching.

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Effective Facilitation – The Alchemy of Collaboration

Skills acquired on our Effective Facilitation programme makes it possible for learners to facilitate any type of group session ranging from technical in nature to the context of decision-making (problem-solving), to strategic orientation. By applying relevant tools and techniques that optimise group dynamics, delegates will learn how to guide the content and process towards constructive outcomes.

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The Sales Professional – Relationship Selling In a Matrix World

As a sales professional, you are responsible for the generation of income for the business. It is within this context that, for the duration of this programme, we will provide the critical skills to enable you to deliver on expectations.

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Service Excellence – The Attitude For Customer Service Success

Our Service Excellence programme develops among your team members the attributes, attitudes and skills aligned to those of a service champion. Delegates will improve their skills and techniques to connect and build rapport with customers and clients. The ability to regulate and manage behaviour during service interactions results in a balance between assertiveness and responding appropriately to ensure that both the customer as well as the organisation’s needs are met.

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Support and Respect Diversity – Connect and Grow

Delegates learn to accept themselves and their differences to others; while also learning to respect others for their differences and similarities. Real life case studies will take learners physically through the different emotions to help them to manage their emotions when they interact with others. They will develop the ability to remain positive and enabling during challenging situations and how to relate better to others and build successful relationships. Delegates will also explore how different perceptions open new ways of thinking and doing and more possibilities for success.

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Assertiveness – Respond Assertively, Appropriately and Positively

Although everyone acts in passive and aggressive ways from time to time, such ways of responding often result from a lack of self-confidence and are, therefore, inappropriate ways of interacting with others. By the end of this programme, the learner will demonstrate the ability communicate confidently and assertively with clients and colleagues.

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Business Etiquette – Avoiding Common Etiquette Pitfalls

The purpose of the programme is to equip the team with the required skills to professionally communicate and portray the company’s image to our customers.

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Personality Styles Workshop

By adopting the ‘inside-out’ principle, this ½ day workshop on personality and behavioural styles will equip professionals with a deeper understanding of their own personality and how it influences their communication style and behaviour, as well as those of others, thereby equipping them with a finer ability to identify and develop sustainable relationships.

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Creative Sales Professional

Our Creative Sales Professional training course will show you how to release your AUTHENTIC power in a way that is difficult for your clients to resist. Over three days, our sales training course uses practical simulations, supportive learning materials and tools, and will cover the following topics plus more:

  • Evolution to today’s world of work and the implications for the sales professional
  • The customer unpacked:

– characteristics of today’s customer
– negative perceptions of the sales experience

  • Understanding yourself as a creative sales professional:

– gaining insight into your own and others personality styles and approaches’
– identifying, relating and responding to different personality styles with greater effectiveness

  • Getting ready to negotiate:

– the negotiation process’
– preparation’
– execution’
– closing

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