Who We Are

Founded in 1992, Maurice Kerrigan Africa consistently delivers to our clients the highest level of quality and service excellence. Our learning solutions are unique and practical. Unique because we studiously apply building blocks of learning in a measured process. Practical in that we always integrate our interventions with your organisational needs, culture, style, processes and procedures.

We follow the integrated approach because short skills training works best when delegates recognise the context and are able to relate what they are learning to scenarios that take place in the workplace.

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Personal Mastery and EQ Thinking

The experiential training approach is the quickest way for busy people to develop skills and behaviours that are immediately applicable.

Our vision and mission reflect our passion for achieving successful training interventions and making a real difference in the skills and lives of people attending our programmes.

Our learning solutions are unique and practical… The experiential training approach is the quickest way for busy people to develop skills and behaviours that are immediately applicable.

What we do

Develop excellent communication skills that give people confidence and skills to address others with clarity and poise so that they are perceived as competent, confident, trustworthy and approachable. Develop effective intra- and inter-personal skills, to create strong, self-assured individuals who are motivated and ready to do their best. Also, develop relationship building skills that make for positive perceptions about you and that lead to great teamwork and contribution efforts.

Develop leadership skills among supervisors, managers and business managers, that accelerates their ability to build trust among others, empower strong teams and grow business networks within and around their organization.We shift leaders into “other” mode – inspiring and encouraging others to perform at their optimal potential.We understand that while leadership requires significant skill, it is founded on a set of beliefs and attitudes that flow from within – a drive to lead people in pursuit of a wholewhile purpose, a strong desire to make things happen in the world. This type of leadership is unwavering.

Maurice Kerrigan

We have demanding clients who want to see measurable results and that is exactly the way we like it.

This philosophy has led to long term partnerships with all our clients. Our uncompromising commitment to measurable results and quality in all we do, coupled with our sensible and practical approach to any implementation challenge, is, we believe, what makes us unique and ensures you a return on your investment.

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Tailored Company Programmes

We will customise the content of any of our programmes to suit your specific requirements. Such dedicated company programmes would incorporate your unique company and individual needs. This approach affords you and your team the benefit of being able to reference and contextualise skills in your environment and address specific challenges.

We will customise the content of any of our programmes to suit your specific requirements
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“Well worth it! I will recommend it to anyone that has to negotiate.” Head of Projects and Infrastructure

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“Excellent! This programme opened my eyes about consulting. It will definitely help me in my career.” Network Solution Architect

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“I feel that this programme is extremely relevant. It has definitely increased my skill level and has helped me uncover my hidden potential.” Regional Manager


“This programme will help to improve my relationships with my peers. I am now equipped to improve the performance of my team.” HR Manager

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Protea Chemicals

“The programme gives excellent theory which can be used in every part of one’s life, by implementing, we can add value to our company and its growth.” Product Manager

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Estee Lauder

“The programme assisted me in dealing with issues and to take a good look at myself. It taught me a new way to deal with and manage my emotions.” Sales Manager