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Personal Mastery
& EQ Development

Training and development courses designed to manage others better by learning to understand your own emotions.

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2 to 3-Day Training
and Development Courses

Accredited short courses perfect
for the busy, working professional, like you.

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Leadership & Management Courses

Training and development courses designed
to develop Leader-Managers at all levels.

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Become a

Learn Negotiation Skills for Influencers

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Who We Are
Based in Johannesburg, South Africa, for more than 25 years Maurice Kerrigan Africa has been the first-choice provider of training and development courses specialising in Leadership & Management, Personal Mastery & Emotional Intelligence and Communication. Our 2 to 3-day practical courses are SETA Accredited and perfect for any hard-working professional with limited time on their hands. We also offer In-house training and development courses with the goal of providing tailored solutions and convenience to our clients. We are passionate about our vision, mission and values and we also support a strong Economic Empowerment Policy.

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Our training and development courses

Leadership and Management Development

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Communication Skills

Maurice Kerrigan MK Africa Business

Personal Mastery and Self Leadership

Maurice Kerrigan MK Africa Business

In-house Training

What our clients say about us

“Well worth it! I will recommend it to anyone that has to negotiate.”

Head of Projects and Infrastructure


“The programme gives excellent theory which can be used in every part of one’s life, by implementing, we can add value to our company and its growth.”

Product Manager

Protea Chemicals

“The programme assisted me in dealing with issues and to take a good look at myself. It taught me a new way to deal with and manage my emotions.”

Sales Manager

Estee Lauder

“I feel that this programme is extremely relevant. It has definitely increased my skill level and has helped me uncover my hidden potential.”

Maurice Kerrigan MK Africa

Regional Manager


“Excellent! This programme opened my eyes about consulting. It will definitely help me in my career.”

Maurice Kerrigan MK Africa

Network Solution Architect


“This programme will help to improve my relationships with my peers. I am now equipped to improve the performance of my team.”

Maurice Kerrigan MK Africa

HR Manager