Leadership and Management Training

We base the development of leadership skills on the following premise:

Build character – we focus on an inside-out approach. Leader-managers are encouraged to explore their inner character through emotional intelligence and personal mastery. This is further entrenched through the practice of authentic leadership and developing their own leadership style and competencies.

Build competence – through exposing leader-managers to best practice leadership and management principles, tools, techniques and practical exercises and assignments, we aim to provide the hard skills of leading and managing.

Build confidence – having mastered both the character and competence elements of leading and managing, leader-managers are equipped with the internal and external skills required to build successful individuals, teams and organisations. This enables an innate confidence which is at the heart of sustainable results.

Our leadership development programmes are always highly customised to suit your specific environment and achieve specified learning outcomes relevant to your express needs.

Please select from one of our courses below.

The Authentic Leader-Manager – Making the Extraordinary Happen

Delegates improve their integrity and emotional fortitude as leaders and strengthen their ability to be honest, deal openly with business and organisational realities, and give people forthright assessments. They develop a more rounded, authentic and balanced leadership style that enables them to obtain greater passion, commitment and performance from their team members.

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Leading and Managing High Performance Teams – Executing Through Passionate People

The aim of this programme is to show how the successful modern leader-manager focuses attention on integrating people, processes and systems. These three areas of focus exist in any organisation, whether large or small, but typically they function and are treated in isolation. The name of the game today, in any public or private enterprise, is execution, and this is never achieved without balanced integration between the three areas of people, processes and systems. Delegates participate in execution workshops to develop action plans for implementation over different timeframes. One-on-one coaching is also provided.

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Coaching for Performance – Greatness, the Only Option

Our Coaching for Performance programme develops a clear understanding of the processes, benefits, pitfalls and criteria for effective coaching. The coaching tools provided in the toolkit are utilised in personal coaching during the programme, so that each delegate experiences the use of, and growth from, application of different tools. What you will learn is that coaching, probably more than any other practice in management and leadership, has the capability to transform the performance and lives of you and your team.

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Advanced Negotiation Skills – 3D Negotiations

Skilled negotiators don’t have to worry about ‘what might have happened’ because they know what they want and manage to achieve their objectives while maintaining a mutually beneficial relationship. They know how to make arrangements to shape and reshape the situation to their advantage. They act to ensure that they establish the most promising opportunity for tactical interplay at the table. Through the application of practical yet powerful tools and techniques, simulations, and research on negotiation methods, our Advanced Negotiation Skills programme develops superior negotiation skills.

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Decision-Making, Problem-Solving and Proactivity – Maintain Purpose and Direction

This programme is designed to help you make effective and clear decisions that lead to improved productivity in your team and helps you maintain purpose and direction. In the modern world of work, we can easily become caught up in the confusion of too much to consider and too much to do and then we act indecisively. Techniques for being proactive will help you and your team members to achieve your goals.

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The Social Innovator – Making Sense of Complex Problems

In this programme, we get to understand how to work with interesting tools and methods to make an impact on intractable problems, and to create innovative alternatives that may mitigate these problems. The programme focuses on creating responsiveness and engaging people to create conditions for social innovation to happen. This programme is useful for leader-managers at all levels who aspire to overcome problems and to find new ways of thinking and working that help to drive business forward.

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Management Control – What Gets Inspected Gets Done

A focused team will be able to consistently achieve the performance results expected and employees respect the leader-manager who does not allow anyone to get away with below standard results. Control is a painstaking but critical aspect of the task of the leader-manager. This programme will equip you to be more effective at it and hopefully contribute to viewing it in a more positive light.

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Knowledge Management – Sharing Knowledge is Power

Knowledge management practices vary from one organisation to the next and we believe that you will gain valuable insight into the best practices for your organisation through this programme. We will help you to make sense of data and information as well as learning acquired as you and your team carry out your jobs. This will make a huge contribution to your ability to develop skills and capabilities that enhance your team’s performance.

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Synergising Teams – Cohesion, Coordination, Results

Our Synergising Teams programme recognises that high-performance teams do not just happen, they need to be created, developed and led through effective team management. This two-day programme is a tailored, practical and experiential journey that focuses on developing a team that functions as a cohesive unit and that uses conflict management and effective communication to foster optimal performance.

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The Leadership Side of Project Management – Getting the Most from Change and Transition

This programme creates ‘integrating project leaders’: project leaders who integrate the leadership dimension into the technical project management dimension of their projects. Leadership ensures successful interpersonal contact between the various role players in the project and enables individuals impacted by the project to make the necessary transitions to support ongoing success of the project.

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