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Personal Mastery Training

Personal mastery, self-leadership and emotional intelligence have a huge impact on anybody’s ability to perform. These skills are critical to getting things done, with people and through people. Once personal mastery and emotional maturity are realised, you are better able to understand the behaviour, motives and emotions of others and then manage these emotions to achieve greater synergy and optimal results from all interactions.

Our personal mastery, self-leadership and emotional intelligence courses provide the framework, techniques and processes to enhance individual understanding and management of your own and others’ behaviours, thoughts, and emotions and gives you the skills and confidence to experience work and life challenges from a more conscious and insightful perspective.

Please select from one of our courses below.

Personal Mastery and Emotional Intelligence – Mastering yourself and Your Relationships with Others

The ability to manage oneself appropriately and proactively in all circumstances can lead to success in all spheres of life. It is about being proficient in relating to others in meaningful ways and being able to capitalise on relationships by enhancing motivation, inspiration, collaboration and influence. This programme is intense and emotionally demanding and will require you to engage in honest introspection and to open your mind to a new, and focused mode of thinking. Our goal is that this programme will leave you energised and inspired to move forward towards your goals.

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Advanced Personal Mastery and Emotional Intelligence – Mastering Yourself and Your Relationships with Others

This 3-day programme is available for those interested in further developing their personal mastery. It is more introspective than the 2-day programme and is delivered in a split format: 2 days followed by a third day a week later.

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Self-Leadership and Self-Management – Be All You Can Be!

Faced with a challenging work life, many people simply cope. But ‘making the best of it’ seldom allows us to do our best. Effective self-leadership and self-management are essential for professionals who wish to do their best, lead themselves and lead others, and is a foundation of setting and achieving valuable, fulfilling goals. By adopting the ‘inside-out’ principle, our programme equips professionals with a deeper understanding of themselves and their communication skills to enhance their ability to identify and develop their purpose, reach goals and build sustainable relationships. Delegates develop a comprehensive self-leadership strategy.

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Values Workshop – Principles in Action

Identifying and understanding your values allows you to clearly identify your personal path for decisions and for focus in your life. Knowing what you stand for is good for you, and, it is good for business – it leads to better ethics, integrity and accountability. This programme helps you to firmly identify the values that are important to you and to use them to connect, in a principled manner, with your work, life and others.

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Managing My Finances – Go Beyond the Day-To-Day

In this programme, we start the journey towards your financial empowerment. You will also use some personal mastery and emotional intelligence concepts that form a foundation for being able to manage your own thoughts and aspirations about your money. Everyone should have the skills to know what their money can do for them, to set goals and plans to achieve this, and to make the most of whatever financial resources we have.

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Time and Energy Management

On this 1-day workshop delegates will learn to identify between activity and the false sense of accomplishment it creates, and productive performance by making the best use of your time and energy to produce results.

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