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Poor writing is a hidden source of friction that causes more delays and frustrations in an organisation than you would imagine. Typically, businesspeople spend a large part of their workday either writing or reading. And any communication that is too long, poorly organised, unclear, filled with jargon, and imprecise is ineffective and wastes a lot of their time. Fuzzy writing allows fuzzy thinking as every reader of the document will build a different mental model of its intent. This can cause confusion, disagreement and even conflict.

Clear writing that is well-organised creates trust and inspires people. Clarity and directness in documents show that you really mean what you are saying and have the arguments to support your ideas. Readers will be more amenable to supporting your initiatives.

Rather than tackling writing from within the system of grammatical theory, we look at how the reading brain processes sentences and paragraphs and hence identify effective writing techniques by focusing on the audience.

Please select from one of our courses below.

Effective Business Writing – Write Right – Every Time!

Our Effective Business Writing programme addresses common English business writing challenges. During the programme, delegates take account of their own organisational style and conventions, and learn about current leading and proven global business writing trends. An improvement in writing skill can only be gained through practice. This very practical programme gives delegates several opportunities to practice writing relevant to their workplace. Delegates have access to online exercises to review their grammar skills.

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Report Writing – Logical Presentation of Facts and Findings

Report Writing is an advanced programme that develops the competency to produce well-structured, clear business reports that logically present findings and facts with impact.

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Proposal Writing – Creating Persuasive Documents

Our Proposal Writing programme develops the competency to produce high impact proposals that position business propositions with clarity and brevity.

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Minutes and Agendas – Making Meetings More Effective

The role of the minute-taker is often taken for granted and few of us are ever trained to carry out the role effectively. This programme ensures that the agenda preparer and minute-taker can play a role to make meetings more businesslike and productive.

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