Maurice Kerrigan Africa Burnout Stressed Woman

The Stress and Burnout Relief Workshop

Workshop Outcomes

  • Understand what burnout is and how to avoid misinterpreting its various symptoms as stress, poor attitude, cynicism, depression or similar.
  • Be able to identify the steps towards developing full blown burnout
  • Know why burnout must be treated specifically
  • Understand early indicators of burnout and how to take measures to prevent it from progressing (in yourself or others)
  • Identify potential work and life demands that could cause stress and eventually burnout
  • Understand why certain people are more prone to burnout
  • Know what the multiple potential consequences of burnout are, including coronary disease, hypertension, alcohol or drug abuse, conflict, absenteeism, accident risk, alienation form others
  • Understand how to relieve burnout and be able to implement the process to achieve personal productivity again
  • Know what next steps are available to you to reduce stress and potential burnout, or to treat burnout

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