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What Can You Expect from a Personal Mastery & EQ Business Training Course?

Personal Mastery EQ Business Training Course Maurice Kerrigan Africa

The workplace is a truly unique environment where a huge range of elements have to be brought together seamlessly in order to achieve specific goals. Factors like cultural diversity, language barriers, different personalities and leadership styles need to be managed effectively in an often high-stakes and high-pressure environment – and this is what personal mastery […]

Can Fitness Culture Help Us Become Better Leaders?

Fitness Culture Leaders Maurice Kerrigan Africa

The health and fitness industry in South Africa is thriving, there’s no question about it. According to The Economist, we have the highest fitness club revenue in the world, generating a massive R12.5 billion a year. From large gym chains to competitive CrossFit clubs, South Africans are pushing their bodies to the limit – and […]