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How to Prepare for a Business Negotiation

Prepare for Business Negotiation

For top negotiators, preparation is key to their success – no matter the size or complexity of the deal at hand. With the right preparation, negotiators know how to manage the other party, how to read the room, and what the most important aspects of the agreement are for each party. Here are some essential […]

Become a Persuasive Person – The Top 3 Negotiation Skills for Influencers

Become a Persuasive Person Negotiation

Negotiation skills are an important part of our everyday life, determining how we interact with colleagues, business partners and clients, as well as how we act within our personal relationships. How we manage these interactions impacts on the success of these relationships – and how effective we can be in getting what we want out […]

What Binge-Watching Great TV Shows Teaches You About Negotiation

Binge-Watching TV Shows MK Africa

It’s the age of digital television, and for many of us, there’s nothing better than flopping onto the couch with the dog and a bowl of popcorn after a long day, and watching half a season of our favourite award-winning show. While this sounds like exactly the type of couch-potato behaviour that our mothers warned […]

Looking Through the Customer Lens

Customer Glasses MK Africa

Customers are feeling pressure to get more done with less, so many of them are reducing the number of companies they do business with. At the same time, companies are urging their salespeople to increase sales to present customers. Unless we nurture our existing customer relationships, it will be increasingly difficult for salespeople to succeed.Salespeople […]