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Do You Have Burnout?

Burnout - Maurice Kerrigan Africa

People often say they have burnout but it can be confusing as there are many symptoms associated with this condition. Typically, you experience a total lack of energy or drive. People with burnout are too tired to get up, too drained to take care of personal matters, and they feel too exhausted to even care […]

SA Businesses Have a Challenge Ahead of Them – Creating an Ethical Business Culture

Creating an Ethical Business Culture - Maurice Kerrigan Africa

On Monday, the results of the South African Business Ethics Survey for 2019 were released by The Ethics Institute (TEI) at an event at the Stellenbosch University Business School, and it certainly didn’t pull any punches. It’s revelations indicated a sentiment that many cynics would agree with – that the slick marketing of the business […]

Leaders – You’re Only as Good as the Team Behind You

Leadership Team - Maurice Kerrigan Africa

There are a lot of qualities that make a great leader or manager, from their ability to inspire and motivate others to their values, their communication skills and their ability to see the bigger picture. A lot of time, coaching and money is spent not only on acquiring great managers and leaders, but also on […]

Elections 2019 – Why SA Politicians and Leaders are Missing their Mark

South African Elections 2019 - Maurice Kerrigan Africa

On the 8th of May, the Rainbow Nation went to the polls for the 6th democratic national elections in a year plagued by a poorly performing economy, government scandals and load shedding. There seemed to be an air of general dissatisfaction over the elections this year, and I personally noticed a rise in apathy and […]

Knowledge is Power – But it’s How You Put it to Work that Really Matters

Knowledge is Power Maurice Kerrigan Africa

We’ve all heard it before: “Knowledge is power”. It’s the driving force behind all levels of education, from learning our ABCs as toddlers to the emphasis on continued learning and upskilling in the workplace. Learning is a natural part of who we are, and never accepting the limitations of our knowledge is the single most […]

Lessons From Steve Jobs That Will Help You Conquer the Stage

Steve Jobs Stage Lessons Maurice Kerrigan Africa

Steve Jobs is widely acknowledged as one of the most influential and inspiring business leaders of his generation. Even after his passing 7 years ago, he is still one of the most powerful faces of Apple and the tech industry. However, it wasn’t just his business-savvy, competitiveness and vision that created his iconic status – […]

The Cape’s Worst Drought – A Lack of Water.. and Authentic Leadership

Cape Town Worst Drought 2018

It’s almost impossible to glance at a newspaper, news website or a social media feed without seeing something about the drought in Cape Town. Often noted as “the worst drought in 100 years”, there are dozens of opinion pieces, articles and groups focussing on everything from water-saving initiatives to the date the taps will run […]

Communicating for impact – How to influence change and progress in the business environment

Communicating for impact MK Africa

“The art of communication is the language of leadership.” – James Humes James Humes isn’t wrong – all we have to do is look to the great leaders of today in business and politics and we can see the power of what they say and how they use their well-honed communication skills to inspire, impassion and […]

Looking Through the Customer Lens

Customer Glasses MK Africa

Customers are feeling pressure to get more done with less, so many of them are reducing the number of companies they do business with. At the same time, companies are urging their salespeople to increase sales to present customers. Unless we nurture our existing customer relationships, it will be increasingly difficult for salespeople to succeed.Salespeople […]