Instructor-Led Training vs. E-learning – Who Gets the Best Results?

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For South African businesses, skills development is a strategic priority, as investing in training programmes allows businesses to access the skills in high demand by their industry, recruit from within, retain top talent and support their employee’s career goals. It’s also vital for those businesses seeking to adhere to the standards set by the revised B-BBEE codes, which prioritise skills development for socially and economically marginalised groups. This means that the skills development industry is becoming increasingly competitive, offering a wide range of courses and solutions to help businesses meet their objectives. These solutions can generally be divided into two camps – one-on-one instructor-led training and e-learning. So, which option is more likely to deliver the most effective result?

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Advantages of E-Learning

Let’s take a look at what e-learning offers. Depending on the course provider, e-learning benefits include:

  • Greater affordability
  • Less time away from the office (these courses can be completed at home, outside work hours)
  • More flexibility (no schedule)
  • Customization to address a specific skill area or industry issue

So far, that sounds like a pretty good deal, but it’s not without its challenges – for example:

  • Busy employees often have little or no time or energy to devote to learning while working full days at the office
  • It is challenging to stay motivated and complete the course alone and after hours
  • If you get stuck or have difficulty with an issue or concept, there’s no one to assist you
  • The programme is often unable to properly measure your personal progress and understanding, deliver insight, or help in weak areas

So, how does the alternative – instructor-led training – measure up against e-learning?

Advantages of Instructor-Led Training

Instructor-led training isn’t about being lectured through a course you could do online – it’s about a multi-disciplinary approach to learning that is designed to deliver optimal results on a personal and organisational level. Where e-learning focuses on delivering knowledge, in-person training takes that knowledge and creates practical meaning and critical insight.

The teachers who lead these programmes practice an art as well as a skill – they have that essential instinct for knowing whether you are learning and improving or struggling, as well as the capacity to identify weaknesses and transform them into strengths. A good instructor will quickly identify your personal learning style to ensure that you get the right approach to the coursework, giving you the examples, challenges and knowledge that you need to deliver true insight.

Even though this training may take employees out of the office for 2-3 days, in-class training is often the most time-and cost-effective way of acquiring new skills because of the high-impact results that they deliver.

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One-on-One Skills Development Training from Specialist Facilitators

At Maurice Kerrigan Africa, we have a reputation for training excellence founded on our highly skilled facilitators and positive delegate feedback, which clearly reflects the value of in-class training. Our team works hard to deliver an intensive, personalised and enjoyable training experience, ensuring that delegates receive one-on-one training, constructive feedback and assistance, and comprehensive training and reference materials to help keep the course fresh and effective.

Our facilitators receive measurement results on the impact of their training (as assessed by both delegates and their managers back in the workplace) and consistently maintain exceptionally high standards.

If you want your company’s skills training to make a real impact on your bottom line, we’re ready to take on the challenge – and deliver.

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