5 Questions to Ask Before Deciding on a Training Company

Deciding which training company to use isn’t as easy as it sounds – after all, you have budgetary requirements and you need to make sure that the money is well-spent. Here are some questions to ask to ensure that you find a high-quality training partner who can deliver.

  1. How can your training programmes meet my goals? You’re going into this search with a specific goal in mind that this training needs to achieve – you may want to strengthen your sales team’s negotiation skills or help your team leaders manage conflict more effectively – and their training programmes need to be able to support this. There are plenty of good training companies out there, but if they don’t have the content you need or the experience to deliver it, they aren’t the right fit.
  2. E-Learning or one-on-one business coaching? While e-learning is a popular choice for corporate training, it simply doesn’t compare with the effectiveness of one-on-one training. While this does mean your team will be out of the office for a day or two, the intensity of these courses makes it worth it. At each step, a qualified trainer will be there to answer questions, provide insight and coach newly-acquired skills. They’ll be able to work with and evaluate each person to support their individual learning needs.
  3. Who is delivering the training? Once you know that their content is in line with your goals, it’s important to know that it’s going to be delivered by an experienced, qualified and engaging training specialist. Their knowledge of the challenges your team is facing combined with their teaching ability is critical to ensuring the skills you are looking for are passed on effectively.
  4. Is the training customisable? Customisable training allows you to adapt the programme to more closely suit the requirements of your team and industry, ensuring that you get the most value out of your training. While generic training courses are helpful in some cases, the real rewards come from custom training programmes where the focus can be placed on the areas where the development of specific skills will deliver the greatest benefit to your employees and your business.
  5. Who have you worked with? The reputation of the training company you choose should be excellent – and there should be testimonials to that effect. Not only does this demonstrate the results you can expect, it speaks to their level of client service. It’s also a good indicator if they have done significant work in your industry or in your focus area.


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