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The Stress and Burnout Relief Workshop

27th May 2020

Maurice Kerrigan Africa Burnout Stressed Woman

This workshop will take place on the 27 May.

People often say they have burnout but it can be confusing as there are many symptoms associated with this condition. Typically, you experience a total lack of energy or drive. People with burnout are too tired to get up, too drained to take care of personal matters, and they feel too exhausted to even care if the world comes tumbling down on them. It has a physical, mental and emotional impact.

  • Understand what burnout is and how to avoid misinterpreting its various symptoms as stress, poor attitude, cynicism, depression or similar.
  • Be able to identify the steps towards developing full blown burnout
  • Know why burnout must be treated specifically
  • Understand early indicators of burnout and how to take measures to prevent it from progressing (in yourself or others)
  • Identify potential work and life demands that could cause stress and eventually burnout
  • Understand why certain people are more prone to burnout
  • Know what the multiple potential consequences of burnout are, including coronary disease, hypertension, alcohol or drug abuse, conflict, absenteeism, accident risk, alienation form others
  • Understand how to relieve burnout and be able to implement the process to achieve personal productivity again
  • Know what next steps are available to you to reduce stress and potential burnout, or to treat burnout

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    27th May 2020



    Cabanga Conference Centre
    252A Montrose Ave, Northgate, Randburg, 2162
    Johannesburg, Gauteng 2164 South Africa
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    +27 11 794 1251
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