WINNING Leader-Manager

Maurice Kerrigan MK Africa Business

WINNING Leader-Manager Development Architecture

The WINNING Leader-Manager programme is designed to provide a modularly assembled, tailored, learning process over time, for each level of management. Such a design would not be possible without an academically sound structure that informs the focus on content and theory by level of management. This structure is provided by our Leader-Manager development architecture which guides all our leadership and management interventions to take into account the following main content areas:

  • Personal mastery & EQ; Self leadership & management;
  • Leadership style;
  • Leading and managing as an integrated concept – theory and practice;
  • EXECUTION – applying the theory in reality back in the work environment.

These content focus areas are assessed and measured pre and post any intervention and tailored to themes specific to a particular client. If a client has adopted a specific Competency Model/Framework we would incorporate this into both the architecture and pre- and post-assessments. Please note that this learning process is for in-house programmes only.

The four core focus areas of the architecture are addressed by programme modules which are generically named and applicable to each level: for example, THE AUTHENTIC Leader-Manager (which concentrates on developing Leadership style) has three versions appropriately targeting generic levels of management: level 1 (junior/supervisory), level 2 (middle/senior) and level 3 (executive). This naming convention is similarly applied to all other programme modules.