Synergising Teams Programme

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Synergising Teams Programme

What defines a high performance team? It’s a group of inter-dependent individuals who share common goals and standards, and who work together to reach common objectives. The result is affiliation and collaboration – two key pre-requisites for team leadership in today’s modern workplace.

Our Synergising Teams Programme (STP) recognises that excellent team performance doesn’t just happen. Rather, these teams need to be created, developed and led through effective team leadership and constructive conflict management. Made up of three modules, this two-day course is a tailored, practical and experiential journey that develops your team leadership skills and teaches you how to use conflict management to foster optimal performance.

Each of our modules is tailored to meet specific needs and challenges that affect a team’s performance:

Module 1

In this module you’ll learn about:

  • The characteristics of effective teams, team leadership and team members;
  • Effective conflict management;
  • Common problems affecting team performance;
  • Guidelines for team leadership that values diverse membership;
  • Scenarios that harm or inhibit teamwork and how to deal with them.

Module 2

In this module, you’ll learn:

  • About the main stages of team development: Forming-Storming-Norming-Performing-Adjourning;
  • How to diagnoseguide and accelerate your team through these different stages;
  • How to associate team leadership activities with each phase.

Module 3

This module focuses primarily on the team leadership skills you need to ensure that decisions are made and implemented. You’ll learn:

  • What the four most common decision styles are;
  • What the role of the leader is in facilitating team decisions;
  • The skills for conflict management and how to facilitate solutions to problems.


Depending on your specific needs within your company, our Synergising Teams Programme incorporates the following assessments:

  • Pre-programme assessment: This allows both you and your organisation to assess your team’s competency levels and gaps. Assessments may include 180º/360º multi-raters, qualitative analysis and other assessments and/or psychometric instruments;
  • In-vivo competency assessment and coaching: These help you to develop team leadership competencies during the programme;
  • Post-programme assessment: This allows you to assess your return on investment in correlation to your team’s performance and improvement.

Who should attend this course?

Our Synergising Teams Programme is suitable for any leader-manager or person in a team leadership position, from junior to senior managerial positions.
Learning process

  • Programme duration: 2 days
  • Group size: 12 – 16 participants per group (dependent on level)

SETA accreditation

Company SETA full accreditation number: 0595