New Year’s Resolutions to Make your Training Career Shine

New Years Resolutions 2018

It’s 2018 and that means it’s time for us all to make New Year’s resolutions that – hopefully – we’ll stick to! Whether you’re aiming to reach the peak of achievable human fitness at your Crossfit box, challenging yourself to take on that new industry tech, or determined to teach your dog to fetch you a beer from the fridge after a long day’s work, there’s just one thing we all need to make it happen – training. And trainers are no different! Here are some great goals for the New Year that will keep your training specialists at the top of their game.

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  • Know your goals: While it’s great to say, “I’d like to be a runner”, you have to have specific goals in order to measure your progress and achievements. That way, whether you’re completing a marathon or simply getting around the block without quitting and hitting the ice cream instead, you know when you’re taking the right steps to realise your running potential. So, exactly what is it that you want your training specialists to achieve this year? Are you trying to break into new industries? Move into the international space? Bring in soft skills coaching? Knowing your specific goals will give your company development plan the focus it needs to grow in the right direction and improve in a meaningful way.
  • Be open to new paths: We all have very set ideas of how exactly to go about achieving something, and often the role of trainers, mentors and business coaches is to open our eyes to seeing things differently. This is the same approach that trainers themselves need – finding new resources and approaches that demonstrate interesting ways to connect with people, to understand the challenges they face and, ultimately, make the training experience more effective. Bringing in fresh blood and new thinking keeps trainers from becoming stale and repetitive, keeps their teaching relevant, and keeps clients hungry for more.
  • Stay balanced: Balance is a part of many aspects of our lives – a balance between healthy food and deep-fried or sugary deliciousness, between a high-pressure work environment and relaxing with your feet up on the weekends, or between the energy of a creative environment and the peace of meditation. This resolution is about balancing innovative tech and e-learning with one-on-one coaching, and bringing practical problem-solving together with theory. It’s tempting to dive right in to the shiniest, newest solutions (training through the Oculus Rift, anyone?) but being the social creatures that we are, there’s nothing like the impact of quality personalised interaction to bring out the best in trainer and trainee performance.
  • Find the right partner: Have you ever danced with someone? And I’m talking about the Strictly Come Dancing, ballroom-type event – hands on waists and shoulders, moving in synchronicity, all that type of thing. The one thing you’ll notice is that when the partners are a good match, they become more than just two good dancers – they are elevated by their partnership into something far more impressive, like a piece of art. When they’re a bad match, of course, they’re a hysterical, awkward, and toe-mashing extravaganza. For your trainers, you’re going to want a partner that’s not just another training company – you’ll want people who are specialists in training – a proper dance partner. People who can do as well as teach, who won’t just give clients the theory, but will train each aspect of its application and presentation.

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