Performance Management Programme

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Performance Management Programme

Regardless of your level of leadership within your organisation, your most important responsibility as a Leader-Manager is to manage the performance of your team. Why, then, does research show that most Leader-Managers strongly dislike this task?

More often than not, poor performance management is due to a lack of two things: interpersonal skills and confidence. Our Performance Management course teaches you to harness these skills so that your employees are self-motivated to continuously improve.

What will you learn?

Our course gives you the training you need to form a clearly defined performance management framework that is vision-drivenvalues-based and performance-oriented. In addition, you’ll learn about:

  • The context of performance management;
  • The different approaches used, including the MK Performance Framework™ and how this relates to your own organisation’s performance management system;
  • The performance management cycle – again related to your organisation’s performance management framework – and the skills required to implement it.

Why should you participate in this course?

Our course is specifically designed to integrate with your existing performance management system, framework and initiatives. It’s also:

  • Tailored for your management level, your organisational needs, and your particular performance management challenges;
  • Practical, so you’ll participate in role play and practical activities that allow for more effective learning.


The Performance Management course incorporates the following assessments:

  • Pre-programme assessment: This allows you and your company to determine your competency levels and skills gaps when it comes to a performance management system. Depending on needs, assessments may include 180º/360º multi-raters, qualitative analysis and other assessments and psychometric instruments.
  • In-vivo competency assessment and coaching: This helps you to further develop competencies during the programme.
  • Post-programme assessment: This allows you to assess your return on investment in correlation to your team’s performance and improvement.

Who should attend this course?

This Performance Management course is tailored to all levels of current and potential Leader-Managers.

Learning process

  • Programme duration: Various options are possible and tailored to suit your needs as well as participant competency levels
  • Group size: 12 – 16 participants per group

SETA accreditation

Company SETA full accreditation number: 0595