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Personal Mastery and Self Leadership

According to a report from the World Economic Forum, The Future of Jobs , emotional intelligence will become one of the most vital skill requirements for workers aiming to thrive in the workplace by 2020. This phenomenon is mostly created by the dawn of the fourth industrial revolution, brought forth by the advancement of artificial intelligence. Read More

Our Personal Mastery and Self-Leadership programmes improve your employees’ ability to lead and manage themselves, which in turn lays the foundation for building winning teams and a high performance organisation.

We offer four Personal Mastery programmes:

INTRODUCTION to Personal Mastery & Emotional Intelligence (EQ)

Suitable for employees at any level, this course teaches you the principles and skills for getting to know yourself better, and for optimising your performance by managing your own and others’ emotions.
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Personal Mastery & Emotional Intelligence (EQ)

Suitable for middle or junior leader-managers, this personal mastery course goes into more depth and breadth of the principles taught in our introductory course.

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ADVANCED Personal Mastery & Emotional Intelligence (EQ)

Aimed at executive and senior leader-managers, our advanced personal mastery course give you the framework and techniques to manage your own and others’ behaviours, thoughts and emotions for optimal overall performance.

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Self-leadership & Self-Management

Suitable to employees at any level, this is a dynamic, introspective and interactive programme that explores the question: “What is my purpose and what am I doing to fulfil it?”

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