Personal Mastery & Emotional Intelligence

Maurice Kerrigan MK Africa Business

Personal Mastery & Emotional Intelligence (EQ)

MASTER yourself and your relationships with others

Working in today’s ever-changing business world, you need to be able to navigate complex organisational structures, escalating demands and increasing time pressures. Whether you’re a middle or senior manager, your individual self worth and ability to communicate effectively depend mainly on your own level of personal mastery and emotional intelligence.

Our two-day course on Personal Mastery & Emotional Intelligence (EQ) will give you the emotional intelligence training you need to optimise your performance and leadership skills by managing your own and others’ emotions.

With no more than 16 delegates per group, the course is highly practical and personal. In it, you’ll cover topics such as:

  • Uncovering hidden aspects of yourself through a journey of behavioural and cognitive self-awareness;
  • Emotional intelligence training that will allow you to manage conflict and motivate others as you lead them;
  • Learning how to take more responsibility for your life by maximising freedom of choice and approaching life positively.

Our course on Personal Mastery & Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is ideal for middle to senior leaders and managers, senior salespeople and consultants. It’s also suitable for anyone wanting to improve the overall quality of their interpersonal relationships and their ability to communicate – whether at work or at home.


  • Programme duration: 2 days
  • Prerequisites: none
  • Group size: 12 – 16 participants
  • Pre-work: Online EQ assessment plus an online pre-programme assessment
  • SETA accreditation: Level 5; 4 Credits; Accreditation number: 0595