ADVANCED Personal Mastery & Emotional Intelligence

Maurice Kerrigan MK Africa

ADVANCED Personal Mastery & Emotional Intelligence (EQ)

MASTERING yourself and your relationships with others

You can’t lead others unless you can lead yourself. As a senior or top-level strategic leader in the dynamic business world, your belief in yourself is more important than ever before, because it has a profound effect on your own and your company’s performance. In order to develop your self-worth and communication skills you need to improve your own levels of personal mastery and emotional intelligence.

Our three-day ADVANCED Personal Mastery & Emotional Intelligence (EQ) course will give you the framework to manage your own and your team’s behaviour, thoughts and emotions to ensure optimal overall performance.

With no more than 16 delegates per group, the course is highly practical and intensive. In it, you’ll cover topics such as:

  • How to use emotional intelligence (EQ) to improve relationships and develop others as you lead them;
  • Understanding the importance of EQ in personal mastery and social awareness;
  • How to make challenging situations seem manageable and how to inspire those around you.

This personal mastery and emotional intelligence course is ideal if you’re a senior or executive leader or manager who wants to advance your overall level of functioning and self-management. It’s also highly suitable if you want to improve the quality of your interpersonal relationships – in both a personal and business context.


  • Programme duration: 3 days (2 consecutive days followed by 1 day a week later)
  • Prerequisites: none
  • Group size: 12 – 16 participants
  • Pre-work: Online EQ and VITAL AUTHENTICITY assessments plus an online pre-programme assessment
  • SETA accreditation: Level 5; 4 Credits; Accreditation number: 0595