Coaching for Performance (level 2 & 3)

Maurice Kerrigan MK Africa

Coaching for Performance (level 2 & 3)

Greatness – the only option

In today’s business environment, team performance is everything. As a middle and senior manager, you need as many innovative approaches and skills as possible to ensure that your management team establishes and maintains its competitive advantage. As a senior manager, how do you do this?

Through coaching.

If you’re a manager of managers, having effective coaching skills allows you to leverage each individual team member’s personal strengths by uncovering excellence, and then developing this so that each of your managers becomes great at what they do. It’s also an important way of uncovering individual and management team weaknesses – and then finding a way to compensate or correct these gaps. Perhaps most importantly though, you can’t lead a team effectively unless you can lead yourself. Coaching helps you do this by not only realising your team’s potential, but also realising your own potential as a Leader-Manager.

What will this coaching and mentoring course teach you?

Our Coaching for Performance (level 2 & 3) course is a coaching and mentoring course especially formulated for senior and executive managers – in other words, managers of managers. Over three days, we’ll give you a comprehensive toolkit of coaching skills you need to unleash the performance potential of your management team as well as yourself. During the three days, you’ll learn key coaching skills including:

  • The history and origin, definition, concepts and full scope of coaching and mentoring;
  • Knowing and understanding your AUTHENTIC inner self;
  • Understanding the role of senior Leader-Manager as coach and mentor;
  • How to use questioning to get subordinates to think and problem solve themselves;
  • Using a toolkit to coach subordinates in areas of performance, emotional intelligence (EQ), personal mastery and self-leadership;
  • Learning which coaching and mentoring processes to use in different situations;
  • Developing a practice and culture of coaching and mentoring in your work environment.

Using an action-based, experiential learning process, we’ll make sure you not only understand the theory of coaching and mentoring, but are also equipped with a complete coaching process as soon as you return to the workplace. In doing so, we’ll coach you using the tools we’re imparting to you, so that you personally experience the benefit and growth from each different method, technique and tool.

How is our approach different?

  • It’s highly interactive, introspective and practical;
  • Small groups of no more than 14 people mean you get individual attention and personalised feedback;
  • Your facilitators are experienced coaches themselves who will impart their coaching skills to you through individual, competency-based coaching;
  • After you complete the course, an accredited coach will be available for post-programme consulting and coaching to help you mark your progress.

Who should attend this course?

This course is best suited if you’re a senior, general or executive Leader-Manager and want to dramatically improve your management team’s performance, or the performance of individual team members. The course teaches coaching skills applicable to Leader-Managers no matter what your managerial function – from sales, administration and marketing to finance, operations, HR and executive.

  • Programme duration: 3 days
  • Prerequisites: none
  • Group size: 12 – 14 participants
  • Pre-work: none

SETA accreditation

Company SETA full accreditation number: 0595