ADVANCED Negotiation Skills

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ADVANCED Negotiation Skills

Three dimensional negotiation

For high level executives, the ability to negotiate is a critical skill to master – especially for advanced negotiations such as mergers and acquisitions, industrial relations, labour negotiations and high value contracts. As opposed to simple negotiations, the high level negotiation process is distinct in two main ways:

  1. The negotiation process doesn’t only take place at the bargaining table. Research has shown that the bulk of large deals actually happen away from the table, such as during dinners, breakaway sessions, pre-meetings or through lobbying efforts.
  2. Negotiation typically takes place in a team environment. Because of this, your success with negotiation at this level depends largely on how well your team functions as a whole, and how well each individual team member works towards shared and clearly understood goals.

Our ADVANCED Negotiation training course will teach you how to think strategically and systemically to allow you to engage more successfully in high level team negotiations. Over three days, our negotiation training course will teach you how to:

  • Expand your negotiating skills so you can negotiate in lobbying, pre-meeting, and positioning environments.
  • Lay solid foundations by designing the deal so that it positively affects the outcome.
  • Prepare your negotiation team to work together and more strategically as a functioning whole.
  • Influence and persuade by building trust, learning how to use influencing techniques, building emotional intelligence, and using body language to your advantage.
  • Manage the negotiation process from the opening, through five typical stages, to a successful close.
  • Harvest optimal results by evaluating the balance of power in a negotiation, knowing what your opposition’s agenda and motivation is, reconciling facts uncovered during negotiations, and knowing when to engage in true dialogue and when to use power tactics.
  • Evaluate your performance during the negotiation process so you can continuously improve and prepare for the next round of negotiations.

How is our ADVANCED Negotiation training course different?

  • It’s highly practical – using detailed case studies and role-play scenarios, we’ll break you into teams where you’ll alternate between negotiating against each other, and then observing this negotiation process between other teams via videotape in a separate room.
  • It’s highly detailed – using the latest international research on high stakes, high value team negotiations, we’re able to give you highly detailed theory, tools and negotiation processes that are vastly superior to those offered by any other vendor.
  • Experts guide you – each course is run by two experienced master facilitators with many years of high level negotiation experience.
  • It’s personalised – with two master facilitators per course and a maximum of 16 participants, you’ll get individual attention and coaching throughout.

Who should attend

This ADVANCED Negotiation training course is ideal for all senior negotiators and negotiators from operational management, through sales and consulting, to strategic and general management.

  • Programme duration: 3 days
  • Group size: 12 – 16 participants
  • Prerequisites: None
  • Pre-work: VITAL AUTHENTICITY and DISCus personality assessments plus an online pre-programme assessment

SETA accreditation

  • Level: 5
  • Credits: 13
  • Company SETA full accreditation number: 0595