In-house Training

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Tailored In-House Training Courses

The ‘one size fits all’, generic training approach works when competencies being developed are generic. When the competencies being developed are more specific to the organisation or a particular role, then obviously the generic training approach becomes less effective or, in some cases, totally useless.

At Maurice Kerrigan, we know that your company is unique and therefore requires unique training solutions that take into account your organisation’s context. In answer to this, we offer tailored training solutions for all our courses. These can be as tailored as you need – from custom-branded training materials to fully integrated, completely customised learning processes that are highly relevant to your organisation. No matter which course we tailor for you, we always deliver integrated learning solutions and what this means is that our customised courses:

  • Integrate wherever possible with your strategy to help you achieve strategic alignment and execute successfully against strategy;
  • Take into account specific work context and prior work done;
  • Are delivered in the form of learning processes spread over a period of time rather than once-off training ‘events’;
  • Incorporate measurement of individual competency development as well as impact on organisational performance by applying a series of integrated assessments, surveys, action learning work assignments, tests, exams, and ongoing coaching;
  • Offer integrated consulting and coaching services to back up all learning interventions and processes.

While our thinking is original and unique, we never lose sight of the disciplined effort and focus required to help you build sustainable skills that enable you to successfully execute against strategy and create a high performance culture.

How do we ensure that your in-house training programme is effective?

No matter how tailored our courses are, we always measure and assess the impact of our training within your organisation before, during and after each programme. In doing so, we link our programme outcomes to your specific business objectives and organisational challenges. This integrated approach creates sustained behaviour change and real skills growth – which translates into real return on investment.