Creative Negotiation Skills

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Creative Negotiation Skills

Realising the potential in every opportunity

Do you have the skills and confidence to negotiate successfully?

If you think only senior managers and executives brokering deals need sound negotiating skills in the workplace, you’re mistaken.

Whether you’re a project manager negotiating for time and resources, an HR manager navigating the details of an employment contract, a procurement manager negotiating terms with suppliers, or a salesperson negotiating a deal, effective negotiation skills training can help you be more successful. And if you’re a manager, improved negotiation skills can help you secure trust and greater commitment from your employees.

Creative Negotiation Skills training course overview.

Over two days, our interactive, systematic and practical Creative Negotiation Skills training course will give you the confidence and tools to tackle any daily negotiation challenge. From negotiating contracts, deadlines, allocation of resources, prices, fees and timelines, you’ll learn how to:

  • Navigate the negotiation process;
  • Prepare for a negotiation by setting clear objectives;
  • Open a negotiation by building trust and setting norms;
  • Formulate proposals;
  • Cultivate effective listening and probing skills;
  • Bargain and use concessions to reach goals;
  • Understand and use body language to enhance your influence;
  • Break deadlocks and close a negotiation at the right time.

The end result? A win-win outcome that is not only good for you, but one that’s optimal for the other party as well.

How is our approach different?

  • As opposed to other negotiation skills training courses, we take a wider view by teaching you not only negotiation tactics and skills but also how to better solve problems. Being able to do this will give you a collaborative, consultative approach to negotiations – which in the modern world of work is more likely to yield a positive result.
  • We teach you negotiating skills aimed at mutually beneficial outcomes. Business negotiations are usually aimed at forming long term relationships as opposed to, for example, negotiating the purchase of a second hand car.
  • We provide you with a detailed toolkit to better navigate the different stages of negotiation. For example, we teach you how much to reveal at the opening, or how and when to give away something that the other party values higher than you do.

Why should you attend this course?

  • It’s highly practical, so you’ll simulate negotiation situations and practise tactics using role play in the main negotiation stages: preliminary, opening, exploring and closing.
  • We cultivate your own individual negotiation style for maximum success within the framework of your learned skills.
  • It’s personalised, so you’ll receive one-on-one coaching on your negotiating skills, as well as individual and group feedback on your performance throughout the course. This is also thanks to the small group environment where you’ll learn alongside no more than 14 participants.

Who should attend?

This negotiation skills training course is ideal for anyone who needs to negotiate in the workplace, including line managers, section heads, salespeople, procurement professionals, HR recruiters and managers, project managers and consultants.

  • Programme duration: 2 days
  • Group size: 12 – 14 participants
  • Prerequisites: none
  • Pre-work: online pre-programme assessment

SETA accreditation

  • Level: 4
  • Credits: 8
  • Company SETA full accreditation number: 0595

CESA accredited