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AUTHENTIC Consulting Training

Leveraging consulting opportunities

The increasingly complex and competitive nature of business has dramatically driven up the demand for external consultants. Despite this, many business people remain sceptical about the real value consultants bring to the table.

Why is this?

In most cases, it’s because consultants are often seen as people who exploit and profit at a company’s expense while not really understanding unique client needs and offerings. In order to succeed in the face of this scepticism, consultants need more than just technical knowledge and a deep understanding of their clients’ industry and specific needs. They also need to possess outstanding consultingcommunication and interpersonal skills in order to ensure effective client relationship management.

Our AUTHENTIC Consulting training course will teach you all this and more. Over three days, you’ll learn to:

  • Clarify and understand the challenges inherent to the consulting industry;
  • Identify the key competencies of an effective consultant, including the concept of AUTHENTICITY;
  • Understand the importance of developing interpersonal skills for effective client relationship management;
  • Use active listening and empathy to understand your clients’ needs and their underlying challenges;
  • Communicate ideas and apply influence and assertiveness;
  • Recognise the role of power and change in consulting;
  • Use essential consulting techniquesmethods and processes to maximise your and your clients’ value;
  • Acknowledge the ethical dilemmas you’re faced with as a consultant and develop a code of ethics to deal with them.

How is our approach to consulting training different?

In three key ways:

  • It’s personalised – our consulting training offers individual attention and a focused learning environment;
  • It’s customised – we tailor the course to your organisation’s needs by writing real-life simulations;
  • It’s practical – by role-playing real-life consulting simulations, you benefit from experiential and practical learning.

Who should attend our AUTHENTIC Consulting training course?

Our AUTHENTIC Consulting training course is suitable for anyone in a professional external consulting role. Whether new to the practice of consulting or an experienced ‘old salt’, this course will take your consulting skills to greater heights and improve your success with client relationship management.

Learning process

  • Programme duration: 3 days
  • Prerequisites: none
  • Group size: 12 – 14 participants
  • Pre-work: online pre-programme assessment and HBDI assessment

SETA accreditation

Company SETA full accreditation number: 0595